Dec. 9. Show, Support the Podcast in 2019

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[Reporter Thacher Schmid (left) and Cornelius (right) talk about how illegal Airbnbs are worsening Portland’ housing crisis on the Priced Out Podcast] 

Happy Holidays from Team Priced Out
If you still have friends, family or lukewarm enemies who haven't yet seen Priced Out on the big screen, there's a free show coming up this Sunday, Dec. 9 at the Oregon Historical Society.
This screening will be followed by a promising panel discussion with Karen Gibson of Portland State University.  Gibson was the author of Bleeding Albina: A History of Community Disinvestment, which was one of the many academic sources we used when researching the film Priced Out.
Sunday, December 9, 2018,
5 PM – 7 PM
Oregon Historical Society

1200 SW Park Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97205
Podcast Hits Benchmark
The Priced Out Podcast hit a benchmark this month with the show's 1,000th download.  It's a modest benchmark but everyone has got to start somewhere. We're pleased to have produced 24 episodes so far and to see that most of our listens have migrated over from the YouTube Channel that formerly hosted the show.  Our latest, Root Shock and the Emotional Impact of Gentrification is a compelling interview with Michelle Lewis.  Lewis is featured in the documentary Priced Out, where she tells the story of when she lost her home in the subprime mortgage crisis and how her family was ostracized in East Portland, their new adopted neighborhood.
Here are some of our more popular recent shows:
EP 23: Fighting Gentrification with Historic Preservation
EP 22: "I gentrified the neighborhood." Interview with Black Realtor [Pt 2]
EP: 20: [Special Edition] Illegal AirBnBs Steal 1,500 Housing Units from Portland

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If you just can't get enough of these interviews, we do live stream the in-studio interviews when we can. You can find those on Facebook and our YouTube Channel if you are interested in the unedited conversation.
We hope we'll get to the point where we will have enough audience to take questions during the live stream. That's something we are looking forward to in the future. 

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[Cornelius and Andru yuk it up on the podcast. We want to keep this act going in 2019.]

Looking forward to 2019
Speaking of 2019, in January, we will take a little time off from the podcast to plan Season 2.  As we move into the second year of the film's distribution, the podcast will be the primary way that the film will be promoted.  It will also be our primary vehicle for continuing coverage of gentrification, the most important social issue facing American cities today.
As we begin charting our vision for 2019, please consider supporting the podcast. You can do this with a small (or huge) monthly contribution. Just hit the "Support This Podcast" button on the podcast homepage on Anchor.FM. Your support will be crucial as we look at extending the program. 

Our producer Andru Morgan has been a fantastic asset.  We want to keep him on board.  Right now, we have access to audio recording gear through the generous support of NW Documentary. But NW Doc is not set up as a recording studio. It will take a modest investment to keep Andru and upgrade to equipment that will let us do more professional sounding in-studio and phone interviews.
We know there are so many worthy things to support out there, but we hope you can contribute.
All the best to you for the holidays and we hope you have a prosperous New Year.
Team Priced Out