Got a Library CarD? You Can Now Stream Priced Out!


Priced Out, the award-winning 2017 documentary on gentrification in the black neighborhoods of Portland, Oregon, is now available on educational streaming platforms Kanopy.

Kanopy works with public and private library systems around the country, including the nation's university systems. If you have a library card with the Multnomah County Library in in Portland, for example, you can live stream the film today.

We're excited that Priced Out will now be available to millions of US students and library cardholders.

Priced Out tells the compelling story of how one woman went from embracing gentrification to cursing it, as her neighborhood slowly transformed from a black-majority to a white-majority community. Along the way, we see the contradictions and complexities that arise when cities improve neighborhoods but leave traditional residents priced out.

The film is currently available on Kanopy and will be available on Hoopla in the coming weeks. Please contact us at with any questions.