Priced Out Broadcast Premiere on Oregon Public Broadcasting, July 2 at 9 pm

Cornelius with volunteers with Liberation Literacy at the Columbia River Correctional Institute.

Cornelius with volunteers with Liberation Literacy at the Columbia River Correctional Institute.

Broadcast Premiere on OPB, July 2, 9 pm

We're happy to announce Priced Out will be on Oregon Public Broadcasting next month, July 2, at 9 pm.  That's channel 10 in the Portland Metro Area.  We are delighted to be partnering with OPB on this screening and excited that the film will get a statewide audience.  OPB is a great partner, and they are doing a lot to promote the show. Please like and share our Facebook post to help get the word out.

The film covers the housing rights movement in the run-up to the passage of Oregon's first in the nation statewide rent control law.  We think a lot of people will find the film enlightening and relevant.

Priced Out on OPB 7/2/19 9 pm

Rebroadcast on OPB 7/4/19 2 am

We expect to hear about another screening on OPB's second channel, OPB Plus, in the coming weeks.

More news on our June 7 podcast edition of Priced Out.

Priced Out in Prison

We're excited to be doing two shows this month for those incarcerated in Oregon. We hope that these shows and discussions will be a valuable window into what is happening back in the communities where some of these incarcerated persons are from. 

Screenings at the Columbia River Correctional Institution was be a double feature of NorthEast Passage and Priced Out, with discussion with director Cornelius Swart and is sponsored by Sandra Hart and the Liberation Literacy Class. The show went very well and the guys were great. CRCI is for prisoners with less that four years in their sentence. Everyone was in very good spirits. Many of them were amazed at how much their community had changed. Almost everyone in the audience personally knew people who were in Priced Out. At least one inmate, became so emotional, that he could not stay for the discussion afterward.

The Uhuru Sasa Cultural Club sponsors our screening at the Oregon State Penitentiary. We have Walidah Imarisha to thank for that show.  A discussion with Cornelius and activist LaQuida Landford with Right 2 Survive, and Beyond Black CDC will follow.

We also have a free community screening on June 22 at the Gregory Heights Library in Portland. 

Long Beach Audio Documentary Coming

Andru and Cornelius have been hard at work on a first of its kind audio documentary about gentrification in Long Beach, California.

Long Beach is the 7th largest city in California. It's the second most diverse city in America (it was number 1 before gentrification) and 60 percent of its population rents.  In recent years, a wave of development has hit downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. Much of the new investment has been welcomed, as Long Beach has been hard up for investment for many generations since.

But the city has seen average rents go up 25 percent (how many times have you gotten a 25 percent pay increase).

Like Portland was during the filming of Priced Out, landlords in Long Beach could raise the rent by unlimited amounts and tenants could be evicted without reason. 

This upcoming show will be our third installment in a series on Long Beach. We'll have more in the coming weeks.

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