Black Businesses, The Black Middle Class, and Gentrification: Priced Out Podcast

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Stephen Green is in our film Priced Out, but not enough.  Stephen is an economist, venture capitalist and activist.  He oversaw property acquisition for the Portland Development Commission during some of the most volatile years of gentrification in the black community. He is also sits on many important boards including one that distributes funds from Portland's affordable housing bond and the board of the city's premiere black community organization (Self Enhancement Inc.). He also helped create the nation's first nonprofit brewpub.

For Stephen, the black community is far more broadly defined than simply a neighborhood. He also sees wealth creation, rather than social justice, as the most vital challenge to charting an equitable future for Portland’s and the nation's African American community. Listen in as Stephen talks about the emerging role that the black middle class will come to play in urban America and all the things that Priced Out the documentary failed to cover.

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