Root Shock: The Psychological Impacts of Gentrification [EP 24] Priced Out Podcast

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ABOVE: Scene with Michelle Lewis in the documentary Priced Out: 15 Years of Gentrification in Portland, Ore.

We talk with Michelle Lewis about the emotional and psychological impacts of gentrification and displacement known as Root Shock. Lewis is a mental health counselor who works specifically with the African American community in Portland, Ore. She was featured in our documentary Priced Out. In the film, she talked about losing her home in the subprime mortgage crisis and the challenges of living in a far-flung neighborhood that was often hostile to black residents. 

Lewis updates us on her recent experiences with gentrification and talks about how her black clients must often choose their battles carefully when they feel confronted by a racist exchange. The discussion gets personal as our hosts weigh in on their own experiences and thoughts.

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