Using Historic Preservation to Fight Gentrification [EP 23] Priced Out Podcast


An interview with Portland data activist Megan Hanson.  Hanson is a complex data analyst who works with logistics software giant Oracle.  After seeing alarming rent hikes and a wave of demolitions in her neighborhood, she started to investigate the Portland zoning code on her free time. She found that the State of Oregon required a public notification process before older homes could be demolished, but that the City of Portland was no longer enforcing these rules

As a result, developers were able to buy up cheap rental properties, evict tenants and knock them down. Hanson also helped create a multilayered data map designed to illustrate the impacts of Portland’s new proposal to up-zone 96% of the city. Join us as we get into the weeds of the intersectionality of affordable housing, demolitions, displacement, and historic preservation.  

Link: What the National Home Builder’s Association really thinks of liberal opponents
Link: Residential Infill Project Displacement Risk Map

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