Last Day of Priced Out Kickstarter Campaign

It’s the final day of our Kickstarter campaign, so please spread the word and if you haven’t already contributed, please do it now.

On Wednesday our campaign received its 100th pledge. That’s an impressive show of community support.

But there’s still a funding gap left to fill. It’s going to go right down to the wire, so please consider making a contribution to this important project right away.

Priced Out Kickstarter Campaign: HERE

Priced Out is a documentary about the complexities and contradictions of gentrification as one woman grapples with life after "the Ghetto."

Gentrification, once a phenomenon that only occurred in big cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco is now cropping up in cities from San Antonio to St. Louis to Portland, Maine.

Why is this happening? What does it mean for Portland, Ore. and what does it mean for those people who have never experienced such dramatic change in their community?

Learn More About the Project: HERE