3 Days Left- New Rewards: Gentrification Spotter’s Manual, Tattoo

There’s only three days left in the Priced Out, Kickstarter campaign and the producers have added some new rewards to encourage people to help this important project.

Over the weekend, Priced Out was selected as a staff pick on Kickstarter. We set out to get selected by the staff and we did it. But the campaign still has a ways to go.  These last three days will be crucial so the producers have added some new rewards to the Kickstarter mix. 

$20 Pledge

Gentrification Spotter's Manual [PDF of eBook Cover]

How do you know gentrification is coming to your avant-garde enclave or sleepy working class neighborhood? What's the difference between a historic preservationist, a speculator, a gentrifier and an incumbent?

This eBook download written by producer Cornelius Swart is a handy, insightful and at times irreverent guide to the terms, characters and memes that make up the gentrification "movement."

$125 Pledge

Free Tattoo

Yes, strange, but a free tattoo has been donated to anyone who gives a pledge of $125, care of artist Peter Bagdanov from The Truth salon in Pacifica, Calif. Get the tattoo drawn and completed in Oct. at the Portland Tattoo Expo

These rewards join our existing ones, such as

$60 Pledge

“They Gentrified My Neighborhood And All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt” T-shirt.

$120 Pledge

One of our more popular rewards is a ticket to a test screening and filmmaker discussion. This event promises to be one of the most pivotal in the project’s timeline, as the audience will have opportunity to give feed back on the film BEFORE it’s finalized.

Please share and contribute to our campaign today

Kickstarter Campaign: HERE

More about Priced Out: HERE