Priced Out Reaches Fundraising Goal

We did it! 

Priced Out hit its goal of raising $10,000 just a few hours before our Kickstarter campaign closed Thursday morning. 

Phew! It came right down to the wire. 

Over 100 people, with pledges ranging from $5 to $2,000, came together and made a commitment to seeing our project become a reality. 

To all of those who made a contribution, Thank You! 

I think I speak for producer Spencer Wolf as well, when I say it’s an honor to have so many people support this effort. It shows how many care about this community and how many trust that Spencer and I to do a good job of reporting on the important topic of gentrification and affordable housing. 

So what’s next? Well, Spencer and I are now accountable to 119 “Big Shot Hollywood Producers” so we better get to work. 

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sending out official Thank You postcards. Other Kickstarter rewards like the production T-shirt, Gentrification Spotter’s Manual and other items will be delivered as they become available towards the end of the year.

Our next goal is to have a test screening of the rough cut of the film by late fall. The screening will include our 17 new Associate and Executive Producers and a select group of folks from the community. We’ll take the feedback we get from that screening into the editing room for the final cut of the film. 

Spencer and I hope to release the documentary by the end of the year or by January of next year. I’ll continue to post updates and new reporting on the site blog at, on Kickstarter and on Facebook

Please follow along with this exciting project made for and paid for by the community. 

Cornelius Swart