Skid Row and Downtown LA: Priced Out Podcast Repost


Join Cornelius as he has an in-depth discussion with John Malpede about gentrification in and around L.A.'s Skid Row. Malpede is the founding artistic director of the Los Angeles Poverty Department.

In recent years downtown LA has made a spectacular comeback. The area is now brimming with new museums, expensive condos, and lavishly restored movie palaces. But just a few blocks away sits Skid Row, the nation’s largest homeless community. Skid Row often looks like a third world country, and it now sits next to the gleaming street of the newly rebranded #DTLA. Skid Row is littered with outdoor residents and lined with clinics, social services, and SRO hotels that house the ultra poor.

The city is currently advancing a plan to rezone the area and make it more attractive to developers. That move could put many, if not all of the thousands of Skid Row residents who actually have indoor living back onto the streets.

Listen in to this dramatic tale of two cities.

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