Black Wall Street, Ethnic Cleansing and Gentrification in Tulsa, OK: Priced Out Repost

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[Photo Credit: Greenwood Tulsa Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma]

On this episode of Priced Out: The Podcast we talk about Tulsa, Oklahoma the former home of co-host Andru Morgan. Oklahoma was originally envisioned as a Native and African American “homeland.” After the discovery of oil, Tulsa produced so many wealthy black residents the Greenwood neighborhood was dubbed Black Wall Street. But in 1921 white Tulsa launched an ethnic cleansing campaign against black residents that wiped out the neighborhood in an outright massacre unlike any other in US history. Cornelius and Andru discuss that history as well as the current community issues including gentrification.

They also speak with Kirk Wester the executive director of Growing Together. Kirk gives great insight into the Kendall Whittier neighborhood of Tulsa and how his program is helping lead the charge for “gentrification with justice.” Andru and Cornelius also continues their conversation about The Black Panther movie and give their own review!