Priced Out Podcast Relaunches on iTunes, Spotify, More

The Priced Out Podcast has officially relaunched and is now available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and four other major podcast platforms.

For almost a year, producers Andru Morgan and Cornelius Swart have been working away on the Priced Out Podcast: Tales of Gentrification. The audio program is about gentrification, urban growth, race, and class in urban America. It's been posting on our YouTube channel since January, racking up 38,000 minutes of watch time.

We’re now moving the home for the regularly scheduled podcast show over to Anchor, and we want you to follow! You will still be able to find some in-studio recorded interviews on our YouTube channel from time to time.

The show is an excellent way to get into the weeds on local issues like zoning. You can hear about what’s happening in rapidly gentrifying cities like Nashville. Or in cities where gentrification feels like it’s not happening at all, like St. Louis.

We also do follow-up interviews with some of the most compelling people featured in the documentary Priced Out. Those include a Where Is She Now interview with Nikki Williams and a two-part interview with African American Realtor (and controversial activist) Fred Stewart.

Our Anchor homepage will also feature a way to contribute to the podcast. If you like the show, you can help to ensure that we keep going.  

Producer Andru Morgan is a pro, and he and Cornelius would love to grow the program along the lines of the higher-production-value shows we’ve done, like our Battle for Rent Control in Long Beach, California episode. We’d also like to do more in-depth storytelling. We have a follow-up story, also from Long Beach, about a woman who literally had to fight for her life to free herself from an abusive husband, only to be confronted with a race-based eviction. It’s a compelling story. We plan to bring you more of them in the future.

So please check out the new show and follow up where you go to get your pods to cast.

~ Team Priced Out

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