NorthEast Passage Remastered, Now on Youtube

We're happy to announce that our first film, NorthEast Passage: The Inner City and the American Dream has been remastered and made available, in its entirety, on Youtube.

Earlier this year, our distributor, the National Film Network, closed for business. They released the rights back to SydHonda Media. We took the opportunity to go back in an correct the film for color and sound, something that our production did not have enough money to do when it was released in 2002.

Not having color and sound correction may have seriously held the film back in terms of its appeal to markets outside of Oregon.  Well, we are happy that after 15 years, we've truly finished the film.  

That's thanks in no small part to Jason Wells at AudioWells and Jonnathan Boone of Boone Productions, in association with out partners at Northwest Documentary.  They did a remarkable job of working on a film that a finished and mixed down project.  That meant they couldn't go back into the original editing files to work on the media, but had to work off a final mixed file with all the audio tracks mixed together and video transitions like dissolves in place.

The result is impressive from a behind the scenes technical point of view.  And the end product is much more pleasurable to view.

If you haven't already, we hope you can take 56 minutes to watch this compelling portrait of what Northeast Portland was like in the late 1990s when neighborhoods besieged by crime and disinvestment many embraced gentrification and others had a sinking feeling that trouble was just around the corner.