Matching Pledges of Up to $500

[Above: Brianna Williams at age 10, in the 2002 film "NorthEast Passage" and at age 27 in the sequel "Priced Out."  See what happened to the Williams family after the neighborhood experienced 15 years of gentrification.]

No, this is not Oregon Public Broadcasting, it's a "Priced Out" Kickstarter matching pledge drive.  The producers have identified a donor who will, for the next 48 hours, match any contribution up to $500.  

We only have 14 days left in our campaign to raise $10,000. The campaign is almost 50 percent funded. 

While we are confident we can raise the money, we have to keep in mind that if the campaign fails to reach its goal, all of the money pledged so far will be refunded.  

So, please consider making a contribution so we can complete this important documentary on gentrification and affordable housing.

Make a contribution: HERE