Priced Out launches IndieGoGo Campaign

"Fabled corner of North Russell Street and Williams Avenue when it was heart of a thriving black community"

We’ve launched a new IndieGoGo fundraising account for people who want to continue to contribute to "Priced Out: Gentrification Beyond Black and White."

After a successful Kickstarter campaign we’ve had multiple people reach out wanting to know how they can contribute or continue contributing to our project. 

As we’ve said before, our Kickstarter campaign was not designed to fund the entire project.  On a community-based project like this everyone is working for free or below scale. Our Kickstarter was meant to just cover some of our hard costs, equipment purchases or rentals, travel, office space, web and promotion and field-producing expenses, etc.  We continue to look for grants and we do a lot of partnering with organizations like Northwest Documentary and HackOregon to help acquire in-kind donations and other assets.

While costs continue to mount, we are trucking along just fine.  But we wanted the ability to direct people to a bucketwhere they could make a contribution now that the Kickstarter campaign is done.

We’ve set up a campaign with IndieGoGo here. You can also get it from our homepage. The IndieGoGo campaign lasts 30 days, but if we don’t reach the goal, we can still keep the funds that have been raised, unlike Kickstarter.  After that, the campaign will just turn into a bucket for contributions with no time constraints at all.

"Mississippi Avenue circa 1999, before high end shops and condos filled the street."

"Mississippi Avenue circa 1999, before high end shops and condos filled the street."

We understand this conversation on gentrification impacts large parts of our community and we want to provide a platform for those stories to be heard. All contributions go strictly toward project-related costs.  Producers Spencer Wolf and Cornelius Swart continue to donate their time to the project at no cost.