Gentrification in the 21st century is no longer confined to poor or minority communities. However, the black community has been experiencing it longer than most, especially in Portland. Here are some other worthy local documentaries and video pieces about black history, Vanport and other issues propelling the story of gentrification in Portland, Oregon.

Losing Alberta (2016) Grant High School

A look at gentrification along Northeast Alberta Street produced by a student at Grant High School. 

Jazztown (2016) OPB

Oregon Public Broadcasting's in-depth chronicle of Portland's post-war era jazz scene. North/Northeast Portland and the black neighborhoods of Albina were once home to a thriving music culture.  OPB has a host of materials available on their Jazz Town page. The book Jumptown is also a definitive work on this subject.

Lift Ev’Ry Voice [A Civil Rights History of Portland] (2015) OPB

OPB documentary that looks at the history of the civil rights movement in Portland, Oregon. The film roughly spans the 1960s to the 1980s, and examines issues like urban renewal, school desegregation and police brutality. You can find more narrative description at OPB

Future Portland (2015) IfanYi Bell and Oregon Humanities

A lyrical and visually arresting meditation on the black experience in Portland and what the future may hold for African Americans.  Created by Brushfire Creative Partners and Ifanyi Bell with music by Megan McGeorge in cooperation with Oregon Humanities, this piece is based on Bell's essay The Air I Breathe. 

VanPort: Oregon's Lost City (2008) Davis & Purice (part one)

An independent documentary on VanPort, the World War II housing project that brought thousands of black workers to the Portland area and changed the face of the city.

Local Colors (1999) OPB

Documentary about Oregon's racial history, broadcast a few years before NorthEast Passage was released. No embed available, but the film can be viewed on the OPB website.

Albina with Lew Frederick (1980) KGW

Lew Frederick, reporter for KGW/NewsChannel 8, provides a look at the state of Portland's black community at that time.  The 25-minute piece is a follow-up to KGW's award-winning documentary Albina: Ghetto of the Mind (1967). Frederick is currently serving in the Oregon House of Representatives for District 43, North/Northeast Portland. No embed is available, but the film can be viewed on the KGW website.

Albina: Portland’s Ghetto of the Mind (1967) KGW

An award-winning look at the state of Portland's black community in the mid-1960s. No embed is available, but the film can be viewed on the KGW website.