The Language of Gentrification [Part 2]: Priced Out Podcast

Scenes from  Priced Out:  The Documentary

Scenes from Priced Out: The Documentary

Welcome to Season 2 of the Priced Out Podcast.

People use a lot of different terms when referring to gentrification. What’s the differences between revitalization, gentrification and a housing crisis?  Why can't the government build affordable housing to compensate communities of color for years of housing discrimination?  This is a follow up to our conversation on language and jargon that we did last year.

All this plus Andru shares a big secret and we finally find out what’s under Cornelius’ pants.

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How Filmmakers Depict Gentrification [Detroit and Portland]: Priced Out Podcast Repost

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This week on the Priced Out Podcast we discuss how filmmakers portray the character of a gentrifying community. 

The discussion was at NW Documentary in Portland, Oregon, after the screening of a film about gentrification in Detroit entitled Last Days of Chinatown.

The discussion is with Last Days director Nicole MacDonald as well as Sika Stanton, co-director of The Numbers, a short film about East Portland, and Priced Out director Cornelius Swart.

The Numbers

NW Documentary

More on Nicole MacDonald

And the Last Days of Chinatown

Priced Out: The Documentary


Skid Row and Downtown LA: Priced Out Podcast Repost


Join Cornelius as he has an in-depth discussion with John Malpede about gentrification in and around L.A.'s Skid Row. Malpede is the founding artistic director of the Los Angeles Poverty Department.

In recent years downtown LA has made a spectacular comeback. The area is now brimming with new museums, expensive condos, and lavishly restored movie palaces. But just a few blocks away sits Skid Row, the nation’s largest homeless community. Skid Row often looks like a third world country, and it now sits next to the gleaming street of the newly rebranded #DTLA. Skid Row is littered with outdoor residents and lined with clinics, social services, and SRO hotels that house the ultra poor.

The city is currently advancing a plan to rezone the area and make it more attractive to developers. That move could put many, if not all of the thousands of Skid Row residents who actually have indoor living back onto the streets.

Listen in to this dramatic tale of two cities.

Links referred to in the podcast:

Skid Row the Documentary
Skid Row Museum
Skid Row Housing Plan
Downtown LA 2040 Plan

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Black Wall Street, Ethnic Cleansing and Gentrification in Tulsa, OK: Priced Out Repost

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[Photo Credit: Greenwood Tulsa Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma]

On this episode of Priced Out: The Podcast we talk about Tulsa, Oklahoma the former home of co-host Andru Morgan. Oklahoma was originally envisioned as a Native and African American “homeland.” After the discovery of oil, Tulsa produced so many wealthy black residents the Greenwood neighborhood was dubbed Black Wall Street. But in 1921 white Tulsa launched an ethnic cleansing campaign against black residents that wiped out the neighborhood in an outright massacre unlike any other in US history. Cornelius and Andru discuss that history as well as the current community issues including gentrification.

They also speak with Kirk Wester the executive director of Growing Together. Kirk gives great insight into the Kendall Whittier neighborhood of Tulsa and how his program is helping lead the charge for “gentrification with justice.” Andru and Cornelius also continues their conversation about The Black Panther movie and give their own review!


Trump as Gentrifier-in-Chief. Holiday Break. Vision for Season 2: Priced Out Podcast


ABOVE: Donald Trump in his developer days. Will his administrations federalizing of gentrification be a boon for poor communities or will it cut a swath of destruction through them?

Happy Holidays from the #PricedOut #podcast. We're wrapping up Season 1 and our first year as a podcast. It's been awesome and thank you for your support. In this conversation between Andru and Cornelius, Andru unwraps a present! Cornelius begs. Andru talks about black comic books. And we promise we will look/sound less janky next year. 

We also preview our other major podcast goals for 2019. Last but not least, Cornelius goes off on Qualified Opportunity Zones. Next year, Trump will turn the 900 lb gorilla of gentrification into Godzilla, as the Federal Government gets into the gentrification game. That said, some black leaders are optimistic. Listen and find out more. PS- please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Two more subscribers and we can get a custom URL! Or better yet, support the podcast on Anchor.Fm. (see link below)

Poor Neighborhoods Make Big Money for Landlords: The Real Estate Game: Priced Out Podcast

gentrification, podcast, housing crisis, displacement, rent,

On Episode 25 of the Priced Out Podcast we interview multifamily real estate investment broker Ru Budhi. He is a Filipino-American investment agent who worked at firms like Norris Stevens during the Portland's housing crisis.

He understands how apartment buildings and condos get financed and why. He’s going to explain why we are having a housing crisis from the investor's point of view. Listen in as we talk financing, Glass-Steagall and why it seems to be in the landlord's interest that poor neighborhoods stay poor.

Uncut interview on our YouTube Channel.

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Got a Library CarD? You Can Now Stream Priced Out!


Priced Out, the award-winning 2017 documentary on gentrification in the black neighborhoods of Portland, Oregon, is now available on educational streaming platforms Kanopy.

Kanopy works with public and private library systems around the country, including the nation's university systems. If you have a library card with the Multnomah County Library in in Portland, for example, you can live stream the film today.

We're excited that Priced Out will now be available to millions of US students and library cardholders.

Priced Out tells the compelling story of how one woman went from embracing gentrification to cursing it, as her neighborhood slowly transformed from a black-majority to a white-majority community. Along the way, we see the contradictions and complexities that arise when cities improve neighborhoods but leave traditional residents priced out.

The film is currently available on Kanopy and will be available on Hoopla in the coming weeks. Please contact us at with any questions.



Dec. 9. Show, Support the Podcast in 2019

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[Reporter Thacher Schmid (left) and Cornelius (right) talk about how illegal Airbnbs are worsening Portland’ housing crisis on the Priced Out Podcast] 

Happy Holidays from Team Priced Out
If you still have friends, family or lukewarm enemies who haven't yet seen Priced Out on the big screen, there's a free show coming up this Sunday, Dec. 9 at the Oregon Historical Society.
This screening will be followed by a promising panel discussion with Karen Gibson of Portland State University.  Gibson was the author of Bleeding Albina: A History of Community Disinvestment, which was one of the many academic sources we used when researching the film Priced Out.
Sunday, December 9, 2018,
5 PM – 7 PM
Oregon Historical Society

1200 SW Park Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97205
Podcast Hits Benchmark
The Priced Out Podcast hit a benchmark this month with the show's 1,000th download.  It's a modest benchmark but everyone has got to start somewhere. We're pleased to have produced 24 episodes so far and to see that most of our listens have migrated over from the YouTube Channel that formerly hosted the show.  Our latest, Root Shock and the Emotional Impact of Gentrification is a compelling interview with Michelle Lewis.  Lewis is featured in the documentary Priced Out, where she tells the story of when she lost her home in the subprime mortgage crisis and how her family was ostracized in East Portland, their new adopted neighborhood.
Here are some of our more popular recent shows:
EP 23: Fighting Gentrification with Historic Preservation
EP 22: "I gentrified the neighborhood." Interview with Black Realtor [Pt 2]
EP: 20: [Special Edition] Illegal AirBnBs Steal 1,500 Housing Units from Portland

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We hope we'll get to the point where we will have enough audience to take questions during the live stream. That's something we are looking forward to in the future. 

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[Cornelius and Andru yuk it up on the podcast. We want to keep this act going in 2019.]

Looking forward to 2019
Speaking of 2019, in January, we will take a little time off from the podcast to plan Season 2.  As we move into the second year of the film's distribution, the podcast will be the primary way that the film will be promoted.  It will also be our primary vehicle for continuing coverage of gentrification, the most important social issue facing American cities today.
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Our producer Andru Morgan has been a fantastic asset.  We want to keep him on board.  Right now, we have access to audio recording gear through the generous support of NW Documentary. But NW Doc is not set up as a recording studio. It will take a modest investment to keep Andru and upgrade to equipment that will let us do more professional sounding in-studio and phone interviews.
We know there are so many worthy things to support out there, but we hope you can contribute.
All the best to you for the holidays and we hope you have a prosperous New Year.
Team Priced Out

Root Shock: The Psychological Impacts of Gentrification [EP 24] Priced Out Podcast

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ABOVE: Scene with Michelle Lewis in the documentary Priced Out: 15 Years of Gentrification in Portland, Ore.

We talk with Michelle Lewis about the emotional and psychological impacts of gentrification and displacement known as Root Shock. Lewis is a mental health counselor who works specifically with the African American community in Portland, Ore. She was featured in our documentary Priced Out. In the film, she talked about losing her home in the subprime mortgage crisis and the challenges of living in a far-flung neighborhood that was often hostile to black residents. 

Lewis updates us on her recent experiences with gentrification and talks about how her black clients must often choose their battles carefully when they feel confronted by a racist exchange. The discussion gets personal as our hosts weigh in on their own experiences and thoughts.

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Using Historic Preservation to Fight Gentrification [EP 23] Priced Out Podcast


An interview with Portland data activist Megan Hanson.  Hanson is a complex data analyst who works with logistics software giant Oracle.  After seeing alarming rent hikes and a wave of demolitions in her neighborhood, she started to investigate the Portland zoning code on her free time. She found that the State of Oregon required a public notification process before older homes could be demolished, but that the City of Portland was no longer enforcing these rules

As a result, developers were able to buy up cheap rental properties, evict tenants and knock them down. Hanson also helped create a multilayered data map designed to illustrate the impacts of Portland’s new proposal to up-zone 96% of the city. Join us as we get into the weeds of the intersectionality of affordable housing, demolitions, displacement, and historic preservation.  

Link: What the National Home Builder’s Association really thinks of liberal opponents
Link: Residential Infill Project Displacement Risk Map

For another point of view, check out EP 10: What is Zoning and the Residential Infill Strategy

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