There are no solutions to gentrification but there's of things that can help address the problem. Community land trusts, new renter protection and non-taxpayer funded affordable housing are all ideas that are being advanced in Portland. Those efforts and other ideas could use your involvement. The important thing is for citizens to get engaged. Write and call local, state, and federal lawmakers and voice your concerns. Vote for people who promise to do something and vote out do-nothings and obstructionist. Reach out to friends with a different opinion and convince them we need to make a change. Contact the organizations below and ask them how you can help.          


Community Alliance of Tenants

Tenant advocate, assistance organization              2710 NE 14th Ave                                           Portland, OR 97212                503-288-0130


Fair Housing Council

Housing discrimination watchdog                        1221 SW Yamhill St. #305                            Portland, OR 97205                503-223-8197


Oregon Opportunity Network

Coalition of subsidized housing providers                 847 NE 19th Ave #150                                   Portland, OR 97232                503-223-4041


Portland Urban League

African American services and advocates                       10 N Russell St.                                             Portland OR 97227                 503-280-2600


Coalition of Communities of Color

Advocates for racial and ethnic minority groups    221 NW 2nd Ave. #303                       Portland, OR 972-9                 503-200-5722


Oregon Housing Alliance

Housing advocates with a legislative agenda


Find you legislator and tell them what you think

Find them HERE